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Contact Armstrong’s Restoration for Water Extraction

Water extraction is a crucial step in the water damage restoration and mold removal processes. Armstrong’s Restoration works hard to develop efficient methods for removing excess water from every nook and cranny of your house or commercial property. If a burst sewer line overwhelmed your basement or a tropical storm put your living room underwater, then we can help. If the steady drip of a leaky roof created pools of water in your attic, we can remove and dry the area. Our restoration professionals know how to operate the state-of-the-art equipment used to remove excess water from your property, ensuring your house stays strong and mold stays away from your restaurant.

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How Water Extraction Works

When you call Armstrong’s Restoration for water extraction services, we’ll assign a specialist to visit your property as soon as possible. We have enough years under our belt to know how critical prompt service is when it comes to flooding. We want to avoid massive explosions of black mold and weakened foundations and structural support beams. Over the years, we’ve honed our process so we can deliver targeted, personalized services to our customers. At Armstrong’s Restoration you can rely on us to:

Inspect every aspect of the property: Before we can extract water, we have to find it. While you might be able to see pools of water in the basement or drips from the ceiling, we know how to look deeper. You might think the source is a leaky roof, but our team knows burst pipes can be the culprit. We know every nook and every cranny, and our inspection reports the issue in detail.

Remove all property from impacted areas: We can’t remove water until everything is out of our way. That means couches, chairs, entertainment stands, washing machines, and anything else must leave the area. Don’t worry if they’re wet. Armstrong’s Restoration provides property damage restoration services. You wouldn’t believe what we can do with your favorite soaking-wet recliner.

Vigorously remove all traces of the moisture: Using industrial-grade HEPA vacuums, Armstrong’s Restoration begins extracting water from the flooded areas. We know how to be precise, too; our specialists can get water out of crevices and cracks.

Sanitize and dry the area: Water extraction doesn’t end with removal. Sanitizing the area is a crucial step, one many do-it-yourself property owners neglect. We use safe chemicals to sanitize the basement, living room, or another room, before deploying dehumidifiers and blowers to dry it. The drying process can take several days, so be prepared to be patient.

Repair damage: You won’t need to call a specialist to replace the lost drywall. If flooding damaged your gorgeous hardwood floors, don’t worry about contacting a professional to repair them. Armstrong’s Restoration knows how to perform home improvement tasks, which means we can reinstall drywall, restore floors, and more.

Leave your house clean and spotless: Water extraction is a massive and messy job. We take great pains to protect your personal property while we’re working. More importantly, we’re just as good as cleaning up after ourselves as we are removing floods. We’ll leave your house without foot stains, smudges, or any sign we were there, other than a fully-restored property.

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Unfortunately, large-scale flooding sometimes damages property. But Armstrong’s Restoration includes personal property restoration in our services. If during the water extraction process, we discover damage to your property, we can help. We provide contents pack-out and secure storage while we thoroughly clean fabric-related objects, such as couches and chairs. And if we find extensive mold growth during the extraction, we can provide high-quality mold removal services. Sometimes, water damage accompanies fires – mainly if firefighters used water to put out the blaze. Don’t worry; we provide fire and smoke damage restoration. To learn more about Armstrong’s Restoration, contact our versatile professionals today.

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