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Armstrong’s Restoration Black Mold Removal Services

Any kind of mold mandates professional removal services due to how quickly it can spread through a building. But black mold is different. Property owners who discover it risk the safety of those living or working in their building by ignoring the problem. Fortunately, Armstrong’s Restoration handles black mold removal in the entire Southeast region, restoring safe conditions to residential and commercial properties. We have years of experience removing mold and understand the urgency associated with eliminating outbreaks of black mold.

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Understanding Black Mold

Stachybotrys Chartarum, or black mold, grows on materials with high in cellulose. Fiberboards, gypsum boards, paper, or drywall are all susceptible to black mold growth. As with other mold types, black mold is a result of moisture and water damage. It takes root as a result of water leaks, excessive condensation, water infiltration, and flooding. Mold spores enter properties on clothes, pet fur, and through air currents. But it requires a constant source of moisture to spread and grow, so one of the key steps in mitigating it includes eradicating water damage. How can property owners determine if they have toxic black mold?

Follow your nose: Mold always has a musty smell. While these odors might not indicate black mold, they do tell you there’s mold growing somewhere in the house. Discovering mold is the first step towards determining whether it is a black mold.

Use your eyes: Black mold is usually dark-colored and mossy. However, professional black mold removal specialists can tell you more about the growth.

Pay attention to that cough: If your office or home plays host to numerous persistent coughs, it might be worth checking out water-prone areas, such as the basement, for mold growth. Obviously, many things can cause a cough, but mold can be one of them. It always pays to be thorough.

The Dangers of Long-Term Exposure to Black Mold

Black mold is different than its counterparts. While moldy conditions can worsen air quality and create mildew-like smells, black mold adds health risks to the equation. Even short-term exposure to black mold can have consequences, including persistent allergy-like symptoms. However, long-term exposure can be much worse. Property owners who discover black mold should keep in mind some of the potential side effects of black mold, including:

  • Anxiety
  • Memory loss
  • Bouts of confusion
  • Unexplained weight gain
  • Hair loss
  • Photosensitivity
  • Stomach pains
  • And worse

How Professional Black Mold Removal Works

Even if no one in your house or business is suffering symptoms of mold poisoning, you should still act quickly to remove any outbursts of black mold. Armstrong’s Restoration DKI has years of experience performing mold removal services. There are thousands of species of mold, and not all of them are the black mold variety. We know how to identify the mold in your residence or commercial property and the steps to take to remove it. Our mold removal services are thorough, deliberate, and effective. During the process, we:

  • Assess the Area
  • Prepare for Removal
  • Remove the Mold

Contact Armstrong’s Restoration Today

Armstrong’s Restoration wants your property to be black mold-free. The mold removal process is complicated, but we work quickly, ensuring your home or business experiences as few disruptions as possible. Learn more about black mold and call to schedule an appointment today.