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Armstrong’s Restoration Protects Your Property

Black mold is a dangerous variation of standard mold, which left unchecked, can cause side-effects to all who live and work on your property. Armstrong’s Restoration has years of experience expertly removing it. That includes black mold removal. Our experts understand mold, and each of our team members knows how important a mold-free environment is. If you’re uncertain about whether you have black mold or how to address it, read our FAQ below.

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What Are the Signs of a Black Mold Outbreak?

At low levels, black mold isn’t harmful to your health. In fact, most buildings have trace elements of black mold. Large contaminations are a different story. Visually, the black mold is dark colored and mossy. If you have an outbreak, you might have noticed physical symptoms, such as:

  • Stuffy noses
  • Wheezing
  • Skin and eye irritation
  • Fever
  • Shortness of breath
  • Nausea

How Does Mold Enter a Structure?

Mold is a natural occurrence outside. It enters our homes and businesses on our clothes, on pet fur, and through HVAC air circulation equipment. From there, our feet spread it throughout the building, where it actively searches for a moisture source to latch onto. There’s no way to avoid mold entering a structure. All you can do is cut down on water leaks and damage.

What Causes Black Mold to Spread?

Moisture. Like with other molds, black mold is dependent on a consistent water source to grow and spread through a building. Without it, it dies and subsides. Water damage, leaks, poor piping, and more all contribute to giving black mold an opportunity to spread behind walls and under floorboards.

Is Black Mold Harmful?

Short-term exposure to black mold is relatively mild. Depending on your immune system, you’ll probably experience some allergy-like symptoms. However, long-term exposure can potentially be much more severe. Some individuals experience mental health and respiratory illnesses.

Can it Cause Structural Damage to My Building?

In addition to harming your health, black mold also causes structural damage. It eats away at walls, ceilings, floor beams, and attics, causing irreparable harm if left untreated. Beyond protecting your health, safeguarding your home or commercial property should be a significant priority.

Should I Hire a Professional for Black Mold Removal?

Once it spreads, mold is tricky to remove. Professional black mold specialists have the technology and experience to remove all remnants of the mold from the home. Do-it-yourself solutions are best left to mild, surface-level cases. Keep in mind, you can’t see how far the mold extends beneath the surface.

How Does Black Mold Removal Work?

Armstrong’s Restoration uses a three-pronged approach to mold removal. We first perform a visual inspection to hone in on the outbreak. Then we prepare for the removal process. Finally, we systematically eradicate all spores. Based on the damages our team can provide an estimated time frame for the work to be completed.

How Can I Prevent Future Black Mold Outbreaks?

After we remove mold from your property, we advise you to stay on top of the elements that contribute to mold problems. For instance, leaky basements are a breeding ground for mold. We recommend our clients invest in waterproofing services to prevent water damage. You also might want to consider re-piping from a qualified plumber if a broken pipe was the source of the problem. Ultimately, keeping your house or business as dry as possible is the key to staying mold-free. If you have any further questions about our black mold removal services, Armstrong’s Restoration encourages you to contact us today. One of our specialists would be happy to listen to your concerns and answer your questions.