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Effective Infectious Disease Control

Hospitals affected by natural disasters have the threat of contagious diseases and airborne pathogens spreading more easily, which causes the concern for requiring construction compliance standards. We receive continual training on the latest knowledge, tools, and products for the healthcare industry. Armstrong’s Restoration uses its expertise in infectious disease control to keep facilities up and running safely to care for patients during the restoration process. You can call our 24-hour services line at 321-821-6994 if you need restoration or infectious disease control.

man putting on biohazard equipment

Risky Situations Call for the Professionals

Untrained individuals should never try to handle situations with biohazards or pathogens under any circumstances. These substances can be very dangerous if you’re exposed to them, leading to detrimental effects for you and anyone in the area. Consequences of exposure can include serious illness and possibly death. If you find yourself in a scenario that involves exposing yourself to harmful substances, call us immediately so we can perform biohazard cleanup service. By leaving these serious matters to professionals like us with 20 years of training and expertise, you can have peace of mind that the whole process is handled quickly and correctly.

Trust Armstrong’s Restoration

Hospitals and clinics never have a good time to close their doors, especially if it’s for an extended period. Take advantage of Armstrong’s Restoration services to minimize downtime and return to caring for your patients. We’re well-trained and use the latest equipment to perform restoration on healthcare facilities quickly while meeting all regulations and codes applicable to the project. If there’s a breach or spill of biological contaminants or medical waste, we’ll disinfect and sanitize with the more recent methods and protocols for infectious disease cleanup. If your facility needs infectious disease control services, call us today and get a free inspection and consultation.

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