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Armstrong’s Restoration:

Armstrong’s Restoration provides expert restoration services to clients who have suffered a fire on their residential or commercial property. You can trust our specialists for full-scale fire damage restoration throughout the Southeast. We have years of experience helping families and businesses recover from fires. Our level of expertise means we can handle the recovery process from fires of all sizes and severities.

Can I Attempt to Perform My Cleanup?

It isn’t advisable to perform post-fire cleanup on your own. One of the reasons professional restoration is your best bet is our ability to combine pretesting techniques with the correct cleaning agents, professional deodorizers, and proper dilution rates. It can also be dangerous without taking the proper precautions, and our team has the equipment and experience required to restore your property safely. More importantly, the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) strictly regulates restoration tasks. Lastly, your insurer might require professional intervention.

Can I Stay in My Home During Fire Restoration?

Probably not. While your insurance adjuster will make this determination based on the damage, homeowners seldom stay at home during the restoration process. However, if you suffered a contained fire in one room, such as the kitchen, it might be possible to remain in the home. Still, Armstrong’s Restoration recommends our customers leave home while we work due to the noise and presence of tools and chemicals and deodorizers.

How Long Does Fire Restoration Take?

Believe it or not, the process doesn’t take much time. It depends on a variety of factors. The severity of the fire, size of the house, and the extent of the damage all contribute to the length of fire restoration. Fortunately, Armstrong’s Restoration communicates with you throughout the process. We’re sure to include a detailed estimate at the outset and update you if anything changes.

How Does the Fire Restoration Process Work?

Once the fire department puts the fire out, we can begin work running interference with your home insurance provider and fixing the damage. We use a variety of tactics to repair the damage done to the building. We’re thorough. Not only do we address soot and fire damage, but our professionals also mitigate water damage caused by firefighter efforts.

  • During fire damage restoration, we:
    • Inspect the property to gather data on the extent of the damage and the most effective remediation methods.
    • Board up any broken or damaged doors and windows to minimize the risk of burglary or additional damage from weather elements.
    • Remove soot from all walls, carpets, furniture, and other impacted areas
    • Deodorize the property, which permanently removes the smoke odor
    • Perform any additional fire damage repairs
  • If necessary, we perform the following water damage restoration tasks
    • Assess the damage and locate potential electrical or chemical problems
    • Use industrial vacuums to remove excess water
    • Remove permanently-damaged items
    • Dry the area
    • Clean and sanitize all impacted areas of the property
    • Perform restoration procedures

Does Armstrong’s Restoration Handle Insurance Claims?

We do! In fact, many insurance carriers prefer to work directly with the restoration company. However, we keep you in the loop throughout the process. There are some things to keep in mind and understanding them should help make this stressful process as easy as possible.

  1. You don’t need to seek multiple estimates. Your insurance company only requires one, and Armstrong’s Restoration has plenty of experience navigating fire damage just like yours.
  2. To complete the claim, Armstrong’s Restoration provides a repair estimate to your insurance adjuster. The adjuster then approves the estimate and issues the repair payment to you, minus your deductible. The deductible is due before any services begin.

Can I Use Any Electrical Items in My Home After the Fire?

Our team tests everything in your home. If we determine any personal property is unsafe to use, then we’ll remove it from the property and dispose of it responsibly. However, anything that can be salvaged will be. We’ll communicate with you throughout the fire and smoke repair process.

Contact Armstrong’s Restoration Today

Going through a fire is never easy. You might be feeling shell-shocked and afraid. Our goal is to make the recovery process as easy as possible on you. We’ve worked with countless families like yours, and we know how to address extensive damage, transforming a burnt and charred property to its former glory. So, if you suffered a fire, don’t hesitate to contact Armstrong’s Restoration today to get started on the recovery process.