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Experts in Fire & Smoke Damage

When your property is affected by a fire, the aftermath can be devastating. Fires can quickly damage not only the structure of your home or business, but also your belongings, leaving you wondering where to start in the cleanup process. For starters, you can hire the professional restoration team from Armstrong’s Restoration for your fire restoration. We are the area’s fire and smoke damage specialists and are here to help you restore your space. Our team of contractors is certified and fully trained, and they have the skills and experience to restore your home or business back to its pre-fire condition. We listen to your concerns and needs, and from there, we enact a restoration plan for your property that is the most appropriate. Our personalized method of cleaning up and restoring after a fire is adaptive to each situation, ensuring the right service for the structure. We always work hard to quickly and efficiently get you back to your normal life. You can trust us for fire damage repair, property cleanup, and smoke damage restoration.

Hire the Professionals for Fire Damage Restoration

After a fire at your home, it leaves smoke, odor, soot, and debris in addition to structural damage. A cleanup job of this scale should be completed by professionals and should not be something you attempt to do yourself. Our contractors are well-trained experts in all aspects of fire restoration so we can help you regain your property’s value and integrity. We’re equipped with the most up-to-date expertise and advanced equipment to handle fire and smoke damage of all severities. Your cleanup and repair will come with an effective plan and transparency to ensure that you know what’s happening throughout the entire process. Our cleanup process for fire damage restoration even includes getting rid of the debris and eradicating the remaining odors. Let us take care of the damage to give you back your home and your peace of mind. Hire the experienced team of professionals at Armstrong’s Restoration for all of the following reasons:

burnt ceiling and walls
  • We can complete cleanup safely: Fire can severely damage the structural integrity of your home, making it unsafe for those without the right equipment or knowledge of safety practices. There could also be a variety of hazardous materials, including broken glass, sharp objects, or exposed pipes that could cause injury. A fire restoration professional has the right skills to navigate this dangerous area.
  • We know the laws and local regulations: There are rules and regulations governing how fire cleanup and restoration is completed. A professional will know the ins and outs of these laws and ensure your site stays in compliance with them all.
  • We have the proper equipment: A fire damage specialist is equipped with the right tools to effectively clean up a job site, saving many of your items from stains and permanent damaged caused by after-effects of the fire.
  • We have the ability to restore items: Unfortunately, some items cannot be salvaged after a fire, but a professional in this field will be able to spot the items that can be restored. Belongings that you consider destroyed may be easily restored by someone with the proper knowledge. This can save you money as you recover from the rest of the damage.

Return Your Home to Its Previous State

After a fire, it’s hard to imagine your house ever returning to the comforting and beautiful space you called home. But thankfully, our team is here to prove those negative thoughts wrong. When you call us, we get to work immediately, diligently cleaning and restoring everything we can and getting rid of any items that can’t be salvaged. You’ll be amazed at the work we can do to make your house feel like home again. Our restoration services can fully reverse the effects of fire and smoke damage, whether that includes hanging new drywall, installing new flooring, fixing structural damages, or more. The team at Armstrong’s Restoration is here to get you through this loss and bring your home out on the other side as good as new.

Fire Damage Restoration at Commercial Properties

Your business is your livelihood, so Armstrong’s Restoration provides quick and efficient cleanup and restorations for fire and smoke damage for Southeast commercial properties. However broad or severe the damage is, our skills and expertise will return the structure back to its pre-accident condition and have your business up and running again. To ensure your project is finished within budget and on time, we also coordinate with your insurance company. Our contractors’ training and experience have made us the leading restoration company for commercial fire and smoke damage in the Southeast. If your business has experienced a fire, call us today to get a free inspection and consultation before filing a claim.

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