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Mold Removal in Melbourne, FL

Have you noticed a musty smell throughout your home? Perhaps you’ve seen a discolored patch lurking on your ceiling. As soon as you notice these first signs of mold, it’s imperative you call a reliable mold removal service. For residents of Melbourne, FL, Armstrong’s Restoration DKI is here to help. We’re an experienced mold remediation company specializing in a wide range of restoration services. We understand the importance of getting rid of mold at the source and preventing the spores from returning. Having a mold-free home or place of business is crucial to maintaining your health and that of your family and patrons. The team at Armstrong’s Restoration DKI wants to help you live your healthiest, mold-free life. Learn more about the causes of mold and what you can do to stop it.

What Causes Mold Growth?

Mold can come from a wide variety of sources. Some causes of mold are obvious, while you might not notice others until you have a full-blown patch of mold on your ceiling, walls, or furniture. The first step to quickly catching mold growth is recognizing potential causes before they result in more trouble and annoyance for you. At Armstrong’s Restoration DKI, some common causes of mold we find are the following:

  • Moisture: Excess moisture or water damage is a breeding ground for mold spores. Even humid conditions, such as those we often experience in Florida, are conducive to mold growth. Be sure to watch for moisture coming from leaking pipes or plumbing fixtures to prevent mold before it takes hold.
  • Improperly Stored Food: Food stored in damp, dark places are at high risk of developing mold. Always make sure to throw out water-damaged food and keep food stored in the appropriate containers.
  • Unaddressed Water Damage: When water damage is left unchecked, mold spores tend to grow in the damp areas. That’s why calling an expert water damage restoration service is paramount as soon as you notice a problem. Fortunately, Armstrong’s Restoration DKI provides 24/7 emergency service.

Get Rid of Mold Growth Right Away

Why is it so important to schedule mold removal services as soon as possible? Many types of mold grow and spread rapidly. What starts as a collection of spores on a corner of your ceiling can quickly spread down the walls and to your personal items. Besides the damage mold can wreak on your home and the objects inside it, mold also has adverse effects on your health. You may experience symptoms as mild as itchy and watery eyes, or as severe as a bloody nose or difficulty breathing. People with preexisting respiratory conditions are most significantly impacted by mold, which can irritate and worsen current symptoms. Whether or not you’re experiencing these health effects, it’s always best to have Armstrong’s Restoration DKI take care of mold remediation right away.

Why the Experts Are Always Your Best Bet

While you’ll find plenty of do-it-yourself mold removal methods online, most experts don’t recommend taking care of mold yourself. Bleach and household cleaners aren’t typically effective against mold growth. Although they might appear to work at first, the mold tends to return after a short time. Calling the professionals at Armstrong’s Restoration DKI at the first sign of mold means a more effective clean. We can identify the source of mold growth and destroy the source. Not only does this eliminate the current spores, but it also prevents future mold growth. Trusting the professionals is also better for your health, as you won’t need to expose yourself to harmful mold. Our team knows all the techniques and uses specialized equipment to avoid the dangers associated with mold exposure.

Count on a Prompt Response from Armstrong’s Restoration DKI

Are you looking for the ideal mold remediation team to take care of mold growth at your home or business? Your search is over! The friendly and courteous staff at Armstrong’s Restoration DKI has been helping Melbourne, FL property owners for 20 years, and we look forward to many more success stories. We understand you just want your home to go back to normal. Our professional team works to be in and out of your home as quickly as possible, without sacrificing our attention to detail. When you choose Armstrong’s Restoration DKI, you can count on a prompt response time and exemplary customer service. Get in touch with us today to learn more.