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Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration in Melbourne, FL

House fires are traumatic. Whether you lost most of your belongings or only a few things, fire damage is a tragedy. However, Armstrong’s Restoration DKI is here to help homeowners in Melbourne, FL get their home and lives back to normal. We understand you want peace of mind during this trying time, and our experienced technicians aim to provide you with a sense of security. We’re fully trained and have all the relevant certifications to perform this kind of work. With 20 years in the industry under our belt, we’ve seen it all. Our team is with you every step of the way, from the initial evaluation process to helping you navigate your insurance. Find out more about how our distinguished team can help you through this challenging time.

The Differences Among Types of Fire Damage

When we talk about fire restoration, we usually speak very generally about fire damage. However, fire damage actually comes in several different forms. Most experts classify instances of fire damage into one of six groups. The team at Armstrong’s Restoration DKI can determine what class of fire damage you’re dealing with:

  • Class A: Damage results from flammable items, such as plastic, paper, wood, fabric, and more.
  • Class B: Damage is the result of flammable liquids, including gasoline and oil. This category also includes flammable solids that become liquids, such as plastic.
  • Class C: Damage involves flammable gasses. Hydrogen, propane, and butane are common culprits.
  • Class D: Fire and resulting damage occur because of combustible metals, including magnesium, sodium, and others.
  • Class E: Damage might result from a combination of the factors listed in Class A and Class B, with an additional electrical component. Putting these fires out is significantly more difficult.
  • Class F: Fire occurs as the result of cooking oils and fats. This type of fire is much hotter than the other varieties and generally causes more severe damage.

We Help Restore Smoke Damage Too

After a house fire, fire damage is rarely the only thing you’re left to deal with. You also have smoke damage to think about. Like fire damage, smoke damage can come in a few different varieties. Wet smoke damage happens when the fire burns at a lower temperature but creates lots of smoke. On the other hand, dry smoke damage comes as the result of slow-burning fires and typically appears thin and powdery. Fortunately, our team is also capable of handling this form of property restoration safely and effectively.

What to Expect from the Fire Damage Restoration Process

Fire restoration needs to check several boxes to be effective. Rest assured, the team at Armstrong’s Restoration DKI leaves no stone unturned when restoring your home. We’re available 24/7 for a damage evaluation. Once we have an idea of the extent of the fire damage, we’ll stabilize the structure and get to work on the restoration process. Our technicians will use techniques to remove smoke odor and purify the air while cleaning up soot and debris. We remove any damaged belongings and get started restoring those as well. If necessary, we’ll also perform water damage restoration using dehumidifiers, air movers, and more to remove any excess water used when fighting the fire. Once all is said and done, we’ll complete the job with disinfectants to prevent the growth of mold.

Always Choose an Expert Team for Restoration

Choosing a reliable professional team for fire restoration is critical. The professionals at Armstrong’s Restoration DKI have specialized equipment at their disposal that makes restoration quicker and easier. Moreover, attempting to clean up fire damage on your own can have adverse consequences for your health. If you’re looking for an effective fire restoration under safe conditions, you should always choose the professionals.

Take the First Step Toward Normalcy—Contact Us

Whether you’re dealing with minor fire damage or significant destruction, Armstrong’s Restoration DKI is here for you all times of day, any day of the year. Our emergency services are without compare in Melbourne, FL, and we’re dedicated to getting the job done as soon as possible. We take all safety measures and work toward restoring your home and belongings to their pre-disaster state. Homeowners across the county have utilized our services and come away satisfied. Contact us today to schedule your evaluation and take the first step back to normalcy.