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Being a pet lover is not an easy job. Take it from me, I’m owned by a 4 ½ lb Yorkshire terrier. Yes, the benefits of having a four-legged best friend far outweigh the drawbacks, but there are some real concerns when it comes to the condition of your home and health of the rest of the family—no matter how many legs they have.

Life’s little “accidents”

We all know they happen. We’d rather not admit that our little angels sometimes do business on the carpet, but even the best trained critters have the occasional slip-up. Of course we do our best to clean up the spots and can usually do a pretty good job visually. The problem is that in most cases what you see is NOT all that you’ve got, and pet urine can be a very tricky thing.

All of that urine that has now had a chance to seep down into depths of your carpet’s fibers and the pad is still there, even if you can’t see it on the surface. The next time that area gets wet the urine will be reactivated and the odor, like the terminator, will be back. Time to call in the big guns…

Armstrong’s specializes in the removal of pet stains from your carpet. Our enzyme treatment is designed to literally break down any organic stains, so whether it was an accident or a hairball we’ve got you covered.

Critters on our critters

Having recently spoken to a client who was dealing with a flea problem, I was reminded of my not-so-long-ago bout with the same. How frustrating it was for me to have to bathe my little monster daily, and I’m quite sure he was even less enthusiastic about it. I could tell by the way he’d try to hide under the couch whenever I’d turn on the faucet.

What was worse was that it seemed that every day they’d have returned and nothing seemed to be helping. So after a trip to the vet for the “good stuff” we had another issue. Carpet and upholstery are ideal places for fleas to lay their eggs, and once that’s happened, you’ve got a vicious cycle on your hands. If you have small children or sensitive skin it can be more than just a hassle and become a serious health concern.

No need to get a bug in your bonnet. Armstrong’s truck-mount heats the water and solution being used to clean your carpet and upholstery up to over 200 degrees Fahrenheit! Those little buggers bit the dust.

Armstrong’s Pets

Here at Armstrong’s our pets are a part of the family. Here are a few pictures of our best friends.

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