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Here at Armstrong’s we love to care for your most beloved Oriental and Persian rugs. Each of these hand woven rugs has a sentimental story for the owners, but the story really starts long before it became the favorite napping spot for the family pet or the one in all of those treasured holiday pictures.

The fact is, rug making is one of the most recognizable ancient arts and spans the centuries as well as the continents. In 1949 the oldest known rug was discovered in southern Syberia, perfectly preserved by ice in a tomb believed to belong to a Scythian warrior. The Scythians were a people known for their superior horsemanship who, from the 9th Century BC expanded across Eastern Europe from Asia, and to the Mediterranean and Egypt. The rug is now known as the Pazyryk Rug. The discovery of the Pazyryk Rug changed the idea among anthropologists and historians that primitive rug making was, well, primitive. The traditional Turkish knotting system used to craft the Pazyryk Rug had been thought to have originated about 2,000 years ago but the Pazyryk was dated at 2,500 years old. The sophistication in design, construction and dyeing methods tell us that not only did these methods exist 500 years earlier than previously thought, but they had to have been passed down through generations to reach the levels achieved in the crafting of this rug.

So, the next time your kids are playing on the rug spread out on the living room floor or you glance down at the rug under your dining room table remember that you have in your home not only a great family heirloom–but also a little piece of history!

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